The Committee members play an important role in the continued success of the club by ensuring that diving is organised and carried out safely, training programmes are offered, club equipment is looked after and maintained and that social activities are organised.  


Diving Officer : Andy Hodgson (BSAC Advanced, Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor, Explorer Mixed Gas, Open Water Instructor)

Role: responsible for ensuring the safety of the divers in the branch, ensuring that diving and training is carried out within the current BSAC recommendations/standards. All club dives are approved by the DO in respect of diving and training activities within the club.


Training Officer : Martin Hamilton (BSAC Dive Leader , Open Water Instructor)

Role: planning the club’s training programme ensuring that appropriate training opportunities are available for all club members to develop and progress their diving skills.



image_438Chairman : Matt Fry (BSAC Advanced, Explorer Mixed Gas,  Open Water Instructor)

Role: chairs the AGM and monthly committee meetings, the public face of the club.





Equipment Officer: Richard Camplin (BSAC Dive Leader)

Role: responsible for the equipment owned by the club, making sure it is serviced and accessible.



 Membership : Ruth Beattie (BSAC Advanced, Assistant Club Instructor)image_384

Role: responsible for ensuring the membership details and medical status is up to date, sending renewals to BSAC and making sure members’ qualification data is current.




Project Officer: Andy Taylor (BSAC Advanced, Assistant Club Instructor)

Role: responsible for running larger projects within the club e.g. managing the pool marshal rota, classroom allocation, updating events and dive schedules, organising and co-ordinating workshops and Skill Development Courses (SDCs).



Publicity Officer: Peter Newman (BSAC Dive Leader)

Role: keeping the profile of the club up to date by publishing the club newsletter, maintaining the website and social media. Other roles may include organising publicity events, press relations and promoting try dives.



Secretary: Richard Watson (BSAC Sports Diver)

Role: organising committee meetings and AGMs. Responsible for providing minutes, maintaining the committee administration and decisions database, and annual booking of all meeting rooms and pool.



Social Secretary: Sue Payne (BSAC OWD)

Role : planning and organizing the club’s social calendar.




image_378Treasurer: Geoff Baker (BSAC Advanced, Advanced Instructor)

Role: responsible for looking after club funds including collecting and banking money for dives, courses and social events, paying club expenses, maintaining the books and reporting on income and expenditure.