DSC_1770Welcome to Bracknell’s underwater world!

Bracknell Sub Aqua Club welcomes trainee or qualified scuba divers. We can offer a full training programme of BSAC Diving and Snorkelling Courses that enables divers to progress through a framework of qualifications at their own pace. Training will be delivered by qualified BSAC instructors within the familiar, friendly confines of the club. Members do not pay tuition fees for in-house training courses although there is usually a small fee to BSAC for training manuals and logbooks.

 Whatever your underwater interests are, our Training Officer will always be happy to discuss your preferred options.

Entry Level – Ocean Diver     

For complete beginners, we can start you off from scratch with a try dive, and then sign you up onto an Ocean Diver  course. Please note that although we can take students from 14 years old they need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (See also BSAC policy for dive training for minors.)

When you begin training, you will join a group for dive theory lectures. For initial pool activities  we pair students up, usually with the same instructor. This means that you can get individual attention, learning at a pace that suits you. Your diving safety, confidence and competence is our goal.

Progress your diving 

Having completed the initial Ocean Diver training you may wish to continue, the natural progression being Sports diver followed by Dive Leader and then Advanced Diver. Of possible interest to any level of diver there are a number of Skill Development Courses, many of which can be run in house. See progress your diving for full list and visit our calendar  to see what is coming up.

Already Qualified BSAC or Non-BSAC trained

If you have stopped diving for a while and want to return to the sport, and were previously BSAC trained then BSAC HQ will almost certainly have your details on record. We can also accommodate divers who have been trained by other diving agencies. You can opt to dive using your current qualification level or can take part in our further training to bring your qualification level in line with BSAC. Find out here how your current dive qualification relates to those of BSAC. If you crossing over to the BSAC training scheme it may increase the depth and experience range and open up more diving opportunities within the club. These Crossover courses are tailored to the individual depending on dive qualification, experience, and the length of time between originally qualifying

Technical Diving

As you progress with your diving you may be interested in exploring more technical diving options. Listed below are a selection, many of which can be taught by our in house instructors.

Deeper diving on specialist breathing gases – currently the club record is in excess of 150m using a blend of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Helium.

Sports Mixed Gas and Accelerated Decompression Procedures skills development courses.

Rebreather diving – we have many members diving closed circuit rebreathers and can arrange try dives on this specialist equipment.

Wreck diving – the UK is one of the greatest wreck diving sites in the world and Wreck Appreciation training is available.

Photography and videography – Bracknell Sub Aqua Club is home to some exceptionally gifted people who are keen to share their skills and compare the results at the club’s annual photographic competition.

Instructor Training

Many of our members have become instructors. The various levels of training are provided through BSAC regional courses and ensures a high level of instructor excellence and safety. BSAC Instructor Training

BSAC regional training

Whilst we run a wide range of courses within our club, there are some we cannot support or may not be running at a time that suits you. Each BSAC region has its own training team running courses which full BSAC diving members may attend as long as they satisfy the minimum entry requirements.

Details of all regional Skills Development Courses and Instructor Training courses and how to book can be found in the BSAC events programme and also on individual regional web sites. BSAC Training Events, Southern Region Events,  South East Region Events